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T.K. is seeking representation for their debut crime novel, Old Bird.

More Bullet Train than Bovary, Old Bird is the story of an 1893 train heist orchestrated by two unlikely partners in crime. Theo is an expert safecracker who has lived as a man her entire life. Pushing fifty, she’s now in the throes of menopause and has arthritis in her hands. Philip is a Black painter who is grieving the loss of his wife. He is also a master forger whose paintings hang in museums on both sides of the Atlantic. The two friends have worked together since their days as Union spies, and while they both love the thrill of a well-executed plan, they’re getting old and need one last big score. The plan is simple: steal diamonds off a moving train and be gone before anyone notices. To do this, Theo “disguises” herself as an old woman and Philip poses as a Pullman porter. Unfortunately, even the best in the business can’t always account for pistol-packing nuns, murderous toadies, or their own aging bodies.

T.K. holds an MFA from UC Riverside-Palm Desert, a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion from the University of Chicago, and was a Tin House workshop recipient. They have worked in academics and finance, and their writing has appeared in The Coachella Review, Litbreak Magazine, and The Copperfield Review. Their unpublished novel, Opening the Bodies, was a Launch Pad 2022 Prose Top 50 manuscript.

They are also a printmaker and  literacy advocate and live in Portland, OR with their partner and two teenagers. When they aren't writing, they go by J. Schuberth.

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